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About “TigerHomes.Org”

We would like to take a moment to introduce teachers and students to TigerHomes.Org Animal Sanctuary.
Jason and DAve - Tigerhomes.org
Jason Abels & David Hartsock with White Tiger "Loki"

The founders, David Hartsock, President and Jason Abels, Vice President have 25 years combined experience in animal husbandry with multiple State & Federal Licenses. TigerHomes.Org's mission is a simple one, to help create an interest in wildlife, its protection and the protection of its natural habitats on a global level. By bringing the plight of wildlife directly into the school system and into your classroom through a highly interactive state of the art educational website, TigerHomes.org hopes to create and promote a desire in everyone to support wildlife and habitat conservation as well as captive breeding programs to promote global conservation for these endangered species.

Primarily targeting the world's youth, it is our goal that our educational website http://www.tigerhomes.org will serve as a fascinating platform to visitors from Kindergarten on up (K-12) wanting to learn more about the incredibly diverse inhabitants of the planet. We have over 36 live high speed cameras set up in our tiger, lion and lemur habitats which is the perfect vehicle for taking your students on a "virtual field trip" without ever leaving the classroom. Through this interactive media platform, we invite teachers and students to observe and learn about the daily lives of some of the planets most interesting and often most endangered wildlife.

TigerHomes.org has created an Educational Video Series with accompanying grade specific curriculums and lesson plans made available directly to the school system. We invite top educators to incorporate the other films in our DVD Educational Series: "Lemurs: Tails from the Canopy" and "Florida's Wild Future" along with the accompanying curriculums into their classroom plans. Our educational DVDs are part of our comprehensive website which encompasses a tremendously successful interactive educational website. TigerHomes.Org's DVD Educational Series offers a wide assortment of fascinating information concerning the lives of the Sanctuary's resident Tigers, Lions, and Lemurs. Through our neighboring facilities students are also introduced to some of the rarest and endangered animals on earth.

TigerHomes.Org hopes to instill a strong desire in the world's youth to protect both wildlife and "wild" places across the globe. The future survival of so many species depends on tomorrow's leaders and future decision makers. It is for this reason that the TigerHomes.Org Sanctuary has such a passion for education. It is our hopes that by creating an interest at an early age, the desire to insure the survival of all animals will be instilled for a lifetime for our current generations and preserved for those to follow.

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