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Coral Snake Photo

If you look at a Photo of a Coral Snake next to a Kingsnake you will notice a striking resemblance between the two snakes. As with all snakes, unless you are 110% certain the snake is Non Venomous, you should keep a safe distance as extremely subtle differences in pattern or scale formation can mean life or death. David and I recommend that you call a local Wildlife Officer to have the snake safely and humanly relocated. Remember, all snakes serve a major function in preserving a healthy ecosystem and should NOT be killed unless you or a loved one is in grave, and unavoidable risk of immediate injury or death. Do not kill it thinking you are a hero, doing the World a service, because you are not! Anyhow, appreciate their beauty from afar and call the appropriately licensed wildlife official. CLICK HERE TO SEE ANIMAL WEBCAMS
Photo of a Deadly Coral Snake
Photo of a Coral Snake
Photo of a Sonora Mt Kingsnake
Photo of a Kingsnake

The Scarlet Kingsnake is easier to confuse with the Coral Snake than the picture above illustrates. Look closely at the bands of each snake below.

Coral Snake
Coral Snake Bands  Red Touching Yellow
"Red next to yellow, kill a fellow"
Every other band is yellow and yellow touches both black and red, but black and red never touch.
Scarlet Kingsnake
Scarlet Kingsnake
Yellow does not touch red and every other band is not yellow. Black and red always touch.

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