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This website is designed, produced and published by TigerHomes.Org which holds the copyright to the Website, the Web pages in the Website, and most of the material reproduced in the Web pages. Some Web pages may contain material reproduced from other sources. Although the TigerHomes.Org makes reasonable efforts to identify within its Web pages the copyright holder of material reproduced from other sources, determination of the copyright for material reproduced on the Website is the responsibility of the user in accordance the current Copyright Laws of the United States. TigerHomes.Org owns this copyright, unless otherwise specified. All rights reserved in all media. Subject to the limitations described in the Copyright Note below. Any discrepancies in website content copyright credit should be reported to us immediately.

Copyright Note: Permission is granted to researchers and educators to make a copies of the Website's contents for educational purposes (see Educational Material) that generate no revenue and is used for non-commercial purposes. No other publication, copying, digital or electronic transmission, use, or reproduction is permitted without advance written permission by contacting us directly at: webmaster@tigerhomes.org.

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By using the http://www.tigerhomes.org (THO) website you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the Terms of Use. THO may revise these terms from time to time. If you access our website after changes are posted to these terms, you agree to accept such subsequent terms of revision(s).

This site is owned by TigerHomes.Org.(THO) THO website is maintained primarily for educational, personal and non-commercial purposes. All artwork, website design, data content, photos, educational material and content is the exclusive property of THO excepting as noted and may not be copied, reproduced, downloaded, transmitted, modified or used for commercial purposes without the express written consent of THO by contacting us for permission with notice of intent of use at: webmaster@tigerhomes.org

Educational material is made readily available for the general public and we encourage you to use this information for that purpose. Please visit our Educational Center for topic availability and educational materials. Electronic access or transfer of information for educational purposes, i.e. Printing of Lesson Plans or Curriculums for Classroom Distribution and educational use does not require prior authorization. We invite all educators, teachers and students to take advantage of our FREE educational material. (See Copyright Notice) We do ask however that you cite TigerHomes.Org as the source of the educational material. Proper citing of our THO educational resource should be as follows: Source: http://www.tigerhomes.org on all information obtained from this site.

TigerHomes.Org, a privately operated animal sanctuary, has set forth on a Mission to further global conservation and education. We provide enriching and beautiful naturalistic habitats for rare and exotic animals, specializing in some of the world's most critically endangered animals. TigerHomes and our experienced partners/affiliates currently have Bengal and Siberian Tigers including the extremely rare color morphs of White Tigers and Golden Tigers, African Lions, three species of Lemurs, Florida Panthers, Leopards, Caracals, African Bush Babies, Crocodile Monitor Lizards, Galapagos and Aldabra Tortoises to name a few.

We do invite you to learn about these animals and provide our state-of-the-art webcams to bring this world into your home by way of the world renowned TigerHomes.Org website. Not only can you see many of these animals through our webcams but you can learn about the species, their geographical range, diet, reproduction and conservation status in the wild and in Captive Breeding Programs throughout the world. It is our sincere hope the interest generated by displaying our animals in this natural environment will further our efforts of global conservation and enhance our education mission.

To further our mission of instilling a desire for education about these animals, especially for today's youth, we encourage everyone to learn about these animals and their status in the wild and in captivity. From time to time, as part of our ongoing mission we feature articles in our Education Section that includes specific information about many animal species. These feature articles, as stated in our disclaimer may provide links to external sources, include current statistics, news events, and species data accumulated from current resource information available for various species of animals as part of our concerted educational efforts. Articles of interest are periodically submitted for publication by private third party individuals for inclusion in our many "Animals of Interest" Educational Series with credit given to the contributing party with content covered by our Terms of Use. Any concerns or discrepancies in website content accuracy should be reported to us immediately.

Every effort is made to research the factuality of information found here on a best effort basis. Articles provided directly by Tigerhomes.org staff (not volunteers), contain unique insight based on our many years of combined Exotic Animal Husbandry experience. These articles are meant to be informal, entertaining, yet highly factual short articles with attributes and insight arising from our many years of first-hand experience. In order to further our mission, Tigerhomes.org has hired the talents of certified middle-school teachers to write and design the Educational Curriculums which accompany the Sanctuary's DVD series. These curriculums serve the purpose as teaching aids made available on-line for educators and students alike. These curriculums are also made available in downloadable PDF format(s) as learning tools.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, or should you have an interest in seeing a particular educational article published on an animal of interest, related topic(s) or if you would like to become a content contributor.

If you would like to establish a hyperlink to us from your site, please send a request for approval to display our banner or text link to TigerHomes.Org please see our Instructions for Webmasters, Visitors and banner code at: http://www.tigerhomes.org/animal/java/banner.cfm. We will make every consideration and reserve the final right of approval or rejection of any such requests as deemed appropriate by THO. All approval for external links to our THO website is at the sole discretion and authorization of THO. THO reserves the right to terminate any access link to this Site, with or without notice. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding links at webmaster@tigerhomes.org.

TigerHomes.Org has created an exclusive Members Area which we invite you to use. This portion of our website contains many areas of interest for our viewers including: Sanctuary Forum, Ask a Question, Tell a Friend, Avatars, Web Cam Updates, News, Publications & AIM Icons and just plain "Cool Links". Membership is FREE and it's easy! Member access does require "log-in" for access to website Cams and some other areas of our website as further described in our Privacy Policy. We invite your participation and feedback which is very important to us for our continued growth and success.

We invite children to log-in and learn about the wonderful world of nature and become educated through our state-of-the-art Animal Education website. Access to the THO website by minors (Children under the age of 13) requires parental consent and control. We invite parents to log-on with their children to share in a rewarding and enriching learning experience.

THO may revise these "Terms of Use" from time to time with the revised term(s) taking effect as of the date of posting with the remainder of the provisions remaining in full force and effect as originally posted on this Site.

THO reserves the right to terminate your access to all or part of this Site, with or without notice.

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