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Copyright / Terms of Use for Webcam Snapshots

All website content and images (including webcam snapshots) are copyright Tigerhomes.org unless otherwise stated. We allow members to include snapshots in their own work only if proper credit is provided indicating the snapshots originate from the Tigerhomes.org Website and the name of the member that took the snapshot is clearly embedded on the image. All snapshots are personal use only and may not be redistributed without written consent.

Respect other people’s work! Great snapshots take a lot of time and effort to capture. If you see your snapshots posted on another website outside the Tigerhomes.org domain, and your name is not cited and/or Tigerhomes.org is not mentioned, please report this to our Webmaster immediately.

These terms may be modified at any time and at our own discretion.

Example of how to post a snapshot on another website.

As the example shows I have embedded "Snapshot by Sabertooth" on the snapshot because he is the one that took this snapshot of Clarence. I also indicated "www.tigerhomes.org". This is the only correct way to post a snapshot on another website.

If you have trouble embedding text on images and absolutely need to post a snapshot on your website, contact us first and we can make special arrangements for you.

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