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Sanctuary Chronicles 2004
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April 2004
Baby Ruffed Lemurs Move Back Home

Our Baby Ruffed Lemurs, are doing great! We have been getting a lot of “Web Site Questions”, asking us how the Baby Lemurs are doing, and when we will be reintroducing them back into their Web Cam habitats. Well, to answer your questions, all of the Baby Lemurs are doing fantastic. We are planning on reintroducing both Baby Black & White Ruffed Lemurs back into their main habitat with Shredder at the end of April. More

March 2004
Babies, Babies, Babies & White Tiger is NOT Hurt

Well, there is no doubt that March is turning out to be a month of extreme progress and exciting developments. Before I get started giving everyone a quick update on the great Sanctuary news, I want to let everyone know that Tundra our WHITE TIGER is NOT hurt! A few of our visitors have sent us inquiries because they thought her leg was cut. Not to worry, it was just some dirt that looked surprisingly like a cut above her rear, right hip. It washed right off and she is the same frisky 400-pound kitty as she always was. More

February 2004
The Educational Video Series DVD's are Now Avaliable

Well, the long anticipated DVD’s in our “Educational Video Series” are finally here!!!! Needless to say, David, Donnie, Alex (our newest team member in charge of “Traffic Generation”), and myself are extremely FIRED UP! As most of you are aware, this has been a long time coming! David and I have been working on the Sanctuaries’, “Educational Video Series”, for a very long time now and for obvious reasons are very excited to actually have them in inventory and available for sale via our Gift Shop. More

January 2004
Mark of the New Year

Well, first of all, David and I hope all of our visitors had a happy & safe holiday and New Years Eve! We are both very excited because 2004 is already earmarked to include some radical BIG CHANGES in the direction we will be taking with the Web Site! More

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