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News for the month of November 2002

The Sanctuary Receives 3 Brown Lemurs

We are happy to announce the addition of three new members to the Tiger Homes Sanctuary (THS) family. Our friends Michael and Amber Zito from the Primate Conservancy have placed three extremely friendly Brown Lemurs (Lemur fulvus fulvus) with us. You may remember that Mike and Amber also placed the group of Ring-tailed Lemurs with us that we now have on cam in their habitat.

These particular lemurs are all female and unbelievably friendly, absolutely loving attention from David and myself. The moment they were released into their new environment with the Ring-tails, they hopped up on my shoulders to groom me and lick my ears. You want to talk about a "WET WILLY"! Wow, having two lemurs lick your ears almost made me fall over! As I just mentioned, we released these individuals in the Ring-tailed Lemur habitat. We did this for two reasons; first being that all of these lemurs already new each other from being housed previously at the Conservancy, and second, cohabitating mixed species is a fantastic form of "Environmental Enrichment". This creates all kinds of normal politics and social behaviors to be expressed, thus adding to the naturalistic environments Dave and I strive to create for all of the animals housed here at THS.

For the time being, the Brown lemurs are allowed access to private areas off camera and away from the Ring-tails to allow them to acclimate and to safely reestablish proper pecking order politics within the habitat. As time goes on you will start seeing the Brown Lemurs out and about more and more. These girls are so sweet, I am sure their personalities will delight you as you watch them on our cams.

THS, would like to thank the Mike and Amber at the Primate Conservancy for placing these wonderful animals with us as well as furthering our attempts to educate our viewers on yet another incredible species of lemur. As always, keep on watching our cams and visiting often as the THS is evolving on a daily basis. David and I sincerely hope you are enjoying the fascinating lives of some of Earths most remarkable wildlife. By viewing our cams and reading the pages in our web site, we hope to instill an appreciation and desire to protect all animals and remaining natural habitats worldwide. You can also help the THS's goal to constantly improve the lives of our residents by visiting our GIFT SHOP. Your purchases and adoptions are extremely appreciated and needed! Thank you again for being part of our family of learners and supporters.

Remember, there are many ways to help the cause. Here are a few.

1) Tell everyone you know about the website. By increasing the number of visitors, we increase the awareness of the danger these wonderful creatures face.
2) If you have a website, link to us - http://www.tigerhomes.org/
3) Submit our site http://www.tigerhomes.org/ to any webcam sites you may visit.
4) Make a donation to the sanctuary. There is an area on the gift shop for those who want to contribute.
5) Purchase items from the gift shop. They make great gifts and are for a worthy cause.
6) Adopt a pet. It's a great way to virtually own one of the sanctuary animals.

Remember, our main mission is to spread an interest in saving wild animals and wild places but we can't do it alone.

Story by: Jason and David