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South China Tigers - Panthera tigris amoyensis - Stem Tiger

The South China Tiger is the most CRITICALLY ENDANGERED of all of the living tiger subspecies. Considered by many experts as the "Stem" tiger. The subspecies in which all other tigers may have evolved from! Wild populations are less then 30 animals. In addition to wild populations, about 50 individuals live in zoos, all located with-in China. Unfortunitly all of these animals were decentants of only six "Founder Animals". As a result, very limited genetic diversity exists for a captive breading program.

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Amoyensis once ranged throughout central China. Reports in 1949 estimated that there was more then 4000 South China Tigers. Unfortunately, from 1950-1960, governmental "Anti-pest Campaigns" were responsible for the deaths of more than one thousand animals. By 1982 less then 200 animals were estimate to exist. Today, as stated above, there are less then thirty wild South China Tigers.

Like the Sumatran Tiger, the S. China Tiger is also one of the smaller tiger subspecies. Males average 300 - 350 pounds in weight, and females 200 - 250 pounds respectively. This cat is so rare in the wild that man has hardly observed it in recent times. As a result very little is known about its behavioral habits and prey items.

The only hope for saving this regal cat can only be accomplished threw an extremely well planned out captive breading program. This would require the capture of some wild animals to insure better genetic diversity. The South China Tiger is so close to EXTINCTION! If it is lost it would mean that 4 out of the 8 tiger subspecies have been wiped out forever in the last half-century.

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