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Cedar Key Florida - John Muir National Historic Landmark

By: C.M.Shorter

John Muir traveled by foot to Cedar Key from Kentucky in his famous journey of 1,000 miles.  Cedar Key is a nature lover’s paradise.  This remote island is surrounded by thousands of acres of the Federally protected lands of the Lower Suwannee and Cedar Key National Wildlife Refuge.   Off the west coast of Florida this island sanctuary of salt marsh, cypress swamps, rivers and artesian springs in the midst of old growth forest in a unique ecological habitat.  Cedar Key is home to many species of native Florida birds including Anhingas, Egret, Frigate Birds, Ibises, Great Blue Heron, Pelicans, Roseate Spoonbills and many species of shore birds that make Cedar Key their home & nesting grounds.   CLICK HERE TO SEE ANIMAL WEBCAMS

You will also find Alligators, Dolphin, Manatees, Stingrays, and wide range of other aquatic creatures live in the wilderness of this preserve.  Nearby Seahorse Key is home to a Lighthouse built in 1850 but its claim to fame is that it is the Southeast’s largest water bird rookery.  Inland and just south you will find Crystal River and Homosassa Springs State Wildlife Park famous for its warm, sparkling waters and winter haven for the largest population of Manatees in the State of Florida.

It was the wilderness of Cedar Key that John Muir explored before heading west to the Sierra Nevada range.  A National Historic Marker was erected on Cedar Key in tribute to John Muir’s journey to this remote island paradise which has changed very little since his visit well over a century ago.

Cedar Key, Florida - John Muir National Historic Landmark

Cedar Key Florida - John Muir National Historic Landmark
Photo Credit:  ITRC, Florida (Instructional Technology Resource Center)
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