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Captive Lemur Breeding

By: Jason Abels – Assistant Director www.tigerhomes.org Animal Sanctuary

Captive Lemur Breeding  - Maternal Primate Behaviors Picture of Mother and Baby LemurOn occasion we do allow the lemurs to breed assuming we have the Habitat Space available. In fact, at the time of this writing the Tiger Homes Animal Sanctuary was fortunate to have one of its female Black and White Ruffed Lemurs (IHOP) give birth to a few healthy Baby Lemurs. David and I even placed a Special Project” WEB CAM inside her birthing habitat allowing our visitors to witness the rarely seen private Maternal Behaviors of a mother Ruffed Lemur. Ruffed Lemurs are the only Primate Species to specifically construct a nest for the sole purpose of giving birth and raising her baby infants. This and a host of other species specific Primate Behaviors have rarely if at all ever been observed or recorded by science and NEVER made available to the general Global public, “Live 24 / 7” while at the same time being 100% non-intrusive to the mother. The Tiger Homes team is so proud to have this platform of mass education. At any given time we have people from all over the Earth reading our articles and watching our 40 Plus Web Cams set up in our naturalist Animal Habitats. If you’re into Baby Animals by all means check out our newest “Special Project Cam”.

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