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Captive Breeding Endangered Species and Genetic Management

By: Jason Abels – Assistant Director www.tigerhomes.org Animal Sanctuary

Captive Breeding Endangered Species should only be left to properly licensed individuals and facilities specializing in their care and Genetic Management. David and I do not like to breed our big cats and very rarely ever do so. In most cases, we separate the female Tigers, Lions, Leopards, and Cougars we have on CAM when they go into their Estrus Cycle. We do this for numerous reasons. The 1st being that our big cats do not have valuable genetics to help out their respective Feline Breeding Programs typically managed by AZA (American Zoo And Aquarium Association) accredited facilities and their SSP (Species Survival Program) coordinators. The majority of each Endangered Species has its own SSP. The SSP Coordinator then manages the Captive Genetics of the Endangered Species in their charge. What this means is that the SSP Coordinator instructs participating facilities on when to breed and which individuals are to be bred. In many cases, Breeding Loans are established between facilities to maintain as much Genetic Diversity as possible. CLICK HERE TO SEE ANIMAL WEBCAMS

One of Our Animal Ambassadors,
Captive Breeding Endangered Species - Animal Ambassador

For example, the SSP Coordinator for the Siberian Tiger may instruct the San Diego Zoo to place its male Siberian Tiger # 54871 on breeding loan with the National Zoo so it can breed with their female # 95821. Maximizing Genetic Variation is the number 1 goal for any Captive Breeding Program especially one concerning an Endangered Species. Another primary reason David and I do not like to breed the big cats living here at the Animal Sanctuary is that it is too hard to find quality-licensed homes with suitable spacious, naturalistic habitats. Our Big Cats are primarily Animal Ambassadors to help educate the Global public on the importance of their conservation. We hope that through our Educational Information and through our World Famous Animal Web Cams we can instill an interest and desire to protect both Wild Animals and the remaining wild places in which they inhabit.

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