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Tiger Color Variations - Tiger Color Morphs

Here you see the three various Tiger Color Variations, or " TIGER Color Morphs". Everyone is familiar with the black striped orange Bengal Tiger and the incredibly beautiful White Tiger. Most have never heard of a third color variation, the GOLDEN TIGER. Golden Tigers are extremely rare, but like the White Tiger, it is just a color variation and not a separate species or sub-species of tiger. If you look at the Tiger Pictures found on this page of the www.tigerhomes.org Sanctuary's tigers, you will see a good representation of the three various Tiger Colors. Or better yet, check them out live 1st hand via the numerous Sanctuary ANIMAL WEB CAMS. Through these world renowned animal Web Cams, we invite you directly into the large Naturalistic Habitats of the Sanctuary's White Tigers, standard Bengal Tigers, standard Siberian Tiger, and Golden Tigers. Not to mention a host of other cams placed in strategic spots within the Sanctuary's amazing LEMUR HABITATS. David and I invite you into the Sanctuary to visit via these web cams in the hopes that they instill an interest and awareness to preserve nature and the remaining wild places.

Bengal Tiger
Tiger Color Variations Tiger Color Morphs - Siberian Tiger

Siberian White Tiger
Tiger Color Variations - Siberian White Tiger White Tiger Color Morph

Siberian Golden Tiger
Tiger Color Variations - Siberian Golden Tiger Siberian Golden Tiger

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