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Animal Sanctuary Habitat Pictures - The Sanctuary Grounds

These animal sanctuary habitat pictures are from a perspective you don't see on the Web cams. In fact most of these pictures were taken from the very path Tigerdave walks every day when feeding and caring for the animals.
The Sanctuary is surrounded by an abundance of lush foliage to include a variety of rare tropical bamboo (Clumping Bamboo and Running Bamboo), exotic palms, and flowering trees from around the world. They are all meticulously maintained as the photos below reveal. Nothing just automatically looks nice! A lot of work goes into maintaining the landscape both in the vicintity of where the animals live and throughout the entire Sanctuary grounds.

Click thumbnails to enlarge pics:
Picture Sanctuary Animal Habitat Sanctuary Animal Habitat Picture Sanctuary Animal Habitat Pictures Sanctuary Animal Habitat 4 Sanctuary Animal Habitat 5
The Sanctuary is basically divided into two main areas: To the North are the Ring Tailed Lemurs , Brown Lemurs, Black & White Lemurs and Red Ruffed Lemurs -- to the South are African Lions, African Leopard (soon to be on cam!), and of course we have several TYPES or Kinds of tiger to include White Tigers , Siberian Tigers and Siberian Golden Tigers (Note: white tigers are actually a color variation - see Tiger Color Variations).
Photos - Sanctuary Photos - Sanctuary 2 Photos - Sanctuary 3 Photos - Sanctuary 4 Photos - Sanctuary 5
Animal Habitats PAnimal Habitats 2 Animal Habitats 3 Animal Habitats 4 Animal Habitats 5
It's also breathtaking to see the wide variety off camera friends like North American Cougars, numerous tortoise, crocodile monitor and iguanas which flourish here. To say they are "all off camera" would be misleading especially to our more dedicated members who have probably caught a glimpse of an iguana or tortoise near or around the lemur habitats. However, it's important to note what you have seen on camera only makes up a very small fraction of the rare species living in the Sanctuary. There are unique habitats completely dedicated to crocodile monitors, Caracal, Bush Baby, Sulcata Tortoise and Madagascar Flat-Tailed Tortoise - just to name a few. The "Meet the Rest of the Family" section details some of these off-camera friends. It is only with our viewer support that we can add new cams and habitats! It's easy to become a sponsor - please visit our GIFT SHOP or perhaps Adopt your favorite animal.
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