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Lemur Politics

As many of our Sanctuary Forum readers are aware, the Tiger Homes Animal Sanctuary recently had a “
Political Skirmish” in the Ringtail Lemur Habitat. Politics among Social Primate Societies is a constantly changing phenomenon. One never knows exactly what variables exist to alter the Social Harmony within a group. This political change is ever more present in Primate Societies were large groups or troops of animals exist together such as the case within a Ringtail Lemur Troop or Baboon Society. Social Hierarchy is in a constant state of change and these changes typically take place as a result of both ritual and actual combat. Unfortunately in this particular case “Actual Combat” with pretty severe injury was the case.

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After the Political Skirmish  - Veterinarian Stitches Wounds Lemur Politics - Veterinarian Stitches Wounds Veterinarian Stitches Wounds
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Some of our super observant WEB CAM viewers may have noticed that one of the Sanctuary’s adult female Ringtail Lemurs gave birth a few days ago. This is Baby Ringtail Lemur season here at the Sanctuary, which almost always results in Political Unrest, and Hierarchy Dominance struggles. It seems that every year around this time the Sanctuary experiences more than normal amount of minor scrapes and cuts within the large Ringtail Habitat. Unfortunately this time one of our sub-adult female lemurs was attacked by the other members of her troop.
Anesthesia Administered Caring for Wounds Stitches
This time instead of just one or two small lacerations, the female received about 10. Typically Lemur Bites are ugly, deep and about 1-3 inches long and this poor girl received some pretty nasty lacerations. Luckily for us, David happened to be nearby to witness and breakup the “Playground Fight” before this lemur was possibly killed. Catching injuries early is crucial with all animals but doubly crucial with exotics. This being the case, we were able to rush her to the Sanctuary Veterinarian, Dr. Marc Kramer. Dr. Kramer is no stranger to suturing Lemur Wounds and did a remarkable job putting her back together. We will provide photos detailing Dr. Kramer’s work but keep in mind they are not for the week at heart. Also note in one of the photos of the Lemur’s Mouth you can observer her “Tooth Comb”. This “Tooth Comb” is one of a few Identifying Characteristics of a Prosimian Primate and consists of highly forward facing incisors.
Stitching the wound Dave and Dr. Kramer Dr. Kramer Stitching Lemur's Wounds

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