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Female Ringtail Lemur Receives Laceration on Finger - Treated by One of the Best Exotic Animal Clinics in the Country

Well, not all days are good days here at the Sanctuary. In these pictures you can observe one of our awesome vets Dr. Marc Kramer, stitching up a lemur boo boo. We are very lucky to have one of the best exotic animal clinics in the country, Avian & Exotic Animal Medical Clinic run by Dr. Don Harris so close to us! These guys are great and are always on a 24-hour “Alert Standby” mode with us, always expecting the unexpected.


On this particular day, one of the female Ring-tailed Lemurs received a laceration on her finger requiring a few carefully placed stitches. Luckily for us Dr. Kramer is an expert Lemur Stitcher! Ring-tailed Lemurs are one of the toughest lemur species in terms of recovery and hardiness, and this little girl was running around the very next day.

Exotic Animal Clinics caring for Female Lemur Lemur Picture 2 Finger Laceration Vet stitches Lemur's Finger
Lemur cleaned, stitched and ready to head back to the sanctuary.
Cleaned, stitched, cleaned again, and ready to head back to the Sanctuary. Today she is doing great !

This is first in a series of Behind the Scenes articles. In the coming months we will be documenting more on habitat development, veterinary care and aspects related to the daily operations here at Tigerhomes. In many instances "Meet the Rest of the Family" pages will coincide with these articles since we plan to cover the care of our off-camera species as well.
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