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What Goes on Behind the Scenes at Tigerhomes.org ?

To say "a lot of work goes on behind the scenes" at Tigerhomes.org Sanctuary would be a gigantic understatement. It's literally a twenty-four (24) hour a day commitment taking care of these animals, performing Sanctuary maintenance tasks, and keeping the Web cams running properly so that our members have the best possible experience when visiting Tigerhomes.


We have provided you with some documentation and photos of recent behind the scenes events here starting with one crucial aspect which is providing top-notch medical care when needed. Other Behind the Scenes articles will cover topics related to daily upkeep, habitat construction, feeding, and the special care involved with our lemur and tiger babies.

Recent Additions to Behind the Scenes:
Bengal Tigers Hurricane Wilma Damage Bengal Tigers Hurricane Katrina Bengal Tigers Visit & Updates

Behind the Scenes Articles by Jason Abels:
Midnight's Vet Visit Part
Midnight's Vet Visit Part I - By Jason Abels

Like kids, Big Cats will put just about anything into their mouths, even swallowing them. Unfortunately, it only takes a micro second to take your eye off of things and in that split second Midnight pulled in an extra cloth bag that David was going to fill with broken dome parts just inches outside her habitat. Before David could react he realized that Midnight had indeed ingested a small part of the bag. More >>

Midnight's Vet Visit Part II
Midnight's Vet Visit Part II - By Jason Abels

Unfortunately, the next morning, Midnight was exhibiting behaviors not typical of a healthy African Leopard. She was extremely lethargic, hardly stood up and remained in one corner of her habitat. David and I were very worried about her health and were concerned that she indeed had remaining pieces of the bag she had ingested 2 days earlier in her gut. More >>

Bottle Feeding
Bottle Feeding Exotics - By Jason Abels

The decision to bottle feed an exotic animal is one that should be carefully analyzed as each species has very specific individual Neonatal Requirements. More >>

Lemur Politics
Lemur Politics - By Jason Abels

Tiger Homes Animal Sanctuary recently had a “Political Skirmish” in the Ringtail Lemur Habitat. Politics among Social Primate Societies is a constantly changing phenomenon. More >>

Greater Bush Baby
Greater Bush Baby - Veterinary Procedure to Remove Granulated Skin Tissue - By Jason Abels

Murry, an African Bush Baby, undergoes a veterinary procedure to remove a silver-dollar-sized piece of granulated skin tissue. Photos and Documentation >>

Photos after the White Tiger Fight
Photos after the White Tiger Fight - By Jason Abels

Tundra received puncture wounds from her white tiger companion "Loki". Dr. Kramer arrived immediately to assist in treating Tundra's injuries.
More >>

Photo - Lemur Tooth Root Abscess
Lemur Tooth Root Abscess Photos - By Jason Abels

One of the Sanctuary's lemurs had a pus-filled mandibular tooth root abscess that originated from one of the lower incisor teeth. More >>

Photos after the White Tiger Fight
Female Ringtail Lemur Receives Laceration on Finger - Treated by One of the Best Exotic Animal Clinics in the Country - By Jason Abels

On this particular day, one of the female Ring-tailed Lemurs received a laceration on her finger requiring a few carefully placed stitches. Photos >>

Please reciprocate by helping us provide better care for these precious creatures! Already your donations have made a difference in a habitat upgrade for " Sampson" our African Leopard who now has a much more enriching habitat which is four times the size of his previous home! We are hoping that with your help we can upgrade more habitats and provide better care for all the animals here at the Sanctuary. Also, your donations are necessary in order to deploy more animal Web cams ! Currently we have a lot of off camera friends who we'd like to share with you. Only you can make this happen through your continued support which in-turn pays for these improvements.

Your Donations Make a Difference! Please help us provide the best care for our animal friends at Tigerhomes Sanctuary.

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"We want thank you for your contributions. Every little bit has helped us make vast improvements here at the Sanctuary. Please continue to show your support. Your donations help provide better care for these precious animals."

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