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Baby Grizzly Bears are born blind and without fur. They weigh between 330 and 700 grams at birth. Grizzly Bear Litters range between 1 and 5 infants, with twins being the most common. It takes about 5-6 months for the Baby Brown Bears to be weaned. The babies stay on average with their mothers for two years and become Sexually Mature when they are about 5 years of age. They continue to gain both size and weight until they reach the age of 11. In Yellowstone National Park, a female has been documented giving birth to healthy babies at the age of 25. In captivity, Grizzly Bears have been known to live well over 45 years of age.
Baby Grizzly Bears
Above: Two Baby Grizzly Bears Denali National Park, Alaska 
Baby Grizzly Bear
Grizzly Bear Populations have declined drastically in the last 100 years. It is estimated that there were more then hundred thousand Grizzly Bears in North America 90 years ago. Now it is estimated that less then 2000 exist. Of this 2000, about 200 +/- are in Yellow Stone National Park living with Yogi Bear & Boo Boo Bear, and another 250 +/- estimated inhabiting Glacier National Park.

The Brown Bear is listed on both Appendix 1 and Appendix 2 by CITIES (Convention on the International Trade of Endangered Species) depending on the exact subspecies of Ursus arctos. The same is true with the USDI, (United States Department of the Interior) who lists the Brown Bear as both Endangered and Threatened depending on the region of the planet were a particular sub-species of Brown Bear lives.

David and I have no intention of housing Grizzly Bears here at the Sanctuary, but wanted to write about them being as they are such remarkable animals. We encourage you to visit the numerous Sanctuary WEB CAMS were you can observe in real time numerous Sanctuary residents in their huge Naturalistic Habitats. Each habitat is equipped with 3 or more Web Cams each capable of allowing viewers to take “Snap Shots” directly from the Web Cam. Viewers even have the ability to upload 5 “Snap Shots” directly to our “Gallery” were they are judged in a monthly contest to win an Educational DVD from our “Gift Shop”. With that being said, please take the time to visit with the Sanctuary’s WHITE TIGERS, GOLDEN TIGERS, SIBERIAN TIGERS, BENGAL TIGERS, AFRICAN BLACK MAINED LIONS, AFRICAN SPOTTED LEOPARD, RUFFED LEMURS, and RING TAIL LEMURS. By watching and learning from our WEB CAMS and “EDUCATIONAL CENTER”, we hope to instill an interest and awareness on the importance of WILDLIFE PROTECTION.

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