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Sanctuary Animal Videos by gb3llma

The Sanctuary Animal Videos seen here were created by Tigerhomes.org member gb3llma (aka Laura). This interesting footage (free snapshots merged together and made into animations and videos) comes right from The Sanctuary's Animal Web Cams. If you'd like to send gb3llma feedback she is frequently found in the Sanctuary's Forums. We would like to thank her once again for being a Gold Level Sponsor and for taking the time to assemble her creations for everyone to see!

Note: Videos are in Windows Media Player format and intended for Broadband users. Clicking on the thumbnails will lead you to each individual animal video or animation page.
New Videos & Animations White Tiger Animal Videos
This set also includes animations.
African Lion Videos
This set also includes animations.
Our new favorite! Baby Girl Midnight at 8 Months Old - Video by gb3llma.
New! Baby Lemur Feeding Time - Animation by gb3llma
White Tiger Animal Videos
White Tiger Animal Videos by gb3llma
Lion Videos
Lion Videos by gb3llma
Golden Tiger Animations
No videos in this set.
(July 17th Collection) Sunday's Favorites
Baby Black Leopard Video
Golden Tiger Animations
Golden Tiger Animations by gb3llma
Leopard Video
View Sunday's Favorites Video by gb3llma
Leopard Video
Leopard Video by gb3llma
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