Did you know that the Sea Otter (Enhydra lutris), has the densest Fur Coat of any Fur Bearing Mammal?

Did you know that the Sea Otter (Enhydra lutris), has the densest Fur Coat of any Fur Bearing Mammal? It is said that a Sea Otters fur coat is so dense it consists of over 100,000 individual hairs per square inch? These numerous long hairs actually trap a layer of air between them to protect the Sea Otter from the cold water it inhabits. This is one reason why Oil Spills are so detrimental to Wild Sea Otters. When Otter Fur becomes coated with oil from a spill it prevents the layer of air from forming and thus insulates the otter from the cold water. In the majority of cases, Oil Covered Otters actually die from hypothermia because their natural insulating system is compromised. I love Sea Otters, as they are one of the most endearing of all the Sea Mammals. They are really unique in so many ways. For example, Sea Otters like the North American River Otter (Lutra Canadensis) and South American Giant River Otter (Pteronura brasiliensis brasiliensis), are classified as mustelids. One feature common to all mustelids is a very prominent Anal Scent Gland. For some reason, perhaps due to its primarily aquatic lifestyle, the Sea Otter lacks this distinguished characteristic? Anyone who works with Otters or any other mustelid without a doubt becomes well aware of these Scent Glands very fast. Mustelid Carnivores definitely have a strong scent and when they get excited will express their scent glands as a Defensive Behavior. The Striped Skunk, perhaps the most famous of all the mustelids is well know for its powerful and noxious ability to clear the forest when it gets in a defensive mood. Another really cool thing I find interesting about the Sea Otter is the fact that it is the only living carnivore with only 4 Incisor Teeth in its lower jaw. Pretty cool! I love stuff like that ;-) Sea Otters rule and nothing beats seeing a Baby Sea Otter Pup floating on its mother’s belly in a Pacific Kelp Bed. REMEMBER, THE TIGERHOMES WEB SITE SPECIALIZES IN AMAZING EXOTIC ANIMAL WEB CAMS!

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