Did you know that most Lemur Societies are Female Dominant?

Did you know that most Lemur Societies are Female Dominant? Female Dominance in Non-Human Primates is rare and this social characteristic is yet another attribute that sets the Madagascar Lemurs apart from other Old World Primates? If you watch the www.tigerhomes.org Lemur Web Cams long enough, you will surely observe Submissive Male Lemurs running from and or obeying their female habitat mates. This Submissive Behavior is typical throughout most of the year. The exception to this is during Mating Season. During the seasonal Lemur Mating Season when the females come into their Estrus Period, the males become more and more bold. If you have a careful eye for observing Animal Behavior you will notice by watching the Web Cameras in the Black and White Ruffed Lemur Habitats this behavioral change. When the female 1st goes into heat the males practically beg for sex and are always rejected. As the females get further along in their cycle the males become more and more persistent and aggressively attempt to mate. This is one of the few times you will observe this Lemur Behavior with-in a Social Group. The male’s primary function in a Lemur Society is to protect and define territories and to pass on Genetic Material via mating. Outside of the “Mating Season’, the males are typically submissive to the females. But like Dave says, “They maybe submissive to the females, but the females don’t always win 100% of the time” ;-) Every dog has his day with lemurs too. To catch and observe this rare “Female Dominance” behavior as well as a host of other rarely observed naturalistic behaviors you need to check out our State-Of-The-Art Web Cams. REMEMBER, THE TIGERHOMES WEB SITE SPECIALIZES IN AMAZING EXOTIC ANIMAL WEB CAMS!

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