Did you know that the Florida Everglades is home to over 1 million American Alligators ?

Did you know that the Florida Everglades is home to over 1 million American Alligators? This represents one of the biggest comebacks for an animal once on the brink of extinction. Not to long ago this Large Reptile was on the Endangered Species List and thanks to the numerous Alligator Farms found throughout Florida they are now off the list! This is one Endangered Animal were it actually helped to by Animal Products made from it parts. There is a saying, “The best way to help and Alligator is to buy and Alligator Product”. Sounds pretty sick, but in this case it is a true statement. The Florida Alligator Farms make their money by breeding and selling Alligator Hides, Alligator Skulls, and of course Alligator Meat as well as tons of miscellaneous Alligator Novelty Items for tourists. As a result it was in the best interest of these farms to be successful Alligator Breeders. It is through their Breeding Research that they figured out that the Incubation Temperature of the Alligator Eggs determined the sex of their offspring. They also discovered numerous Alligator Husbandry Techniques for managing Captive Alligators such as the need to have a belly temperature above 82 degrees for the animal to properly digest its food. All these factors and many others helped remove this regal Prehistoric Reptile from the Federal Endangered Species List and from the possibilities of Extinction. The purchase of their products helps keep the Alligator Farms up and running and new research funded. REMEMBER THE TIGERHOMES WEBSITE SPECIALIZES IN AMAZING EXOTIC ANIMAL WEB CAMS!


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