Did you know that an African Elephant (Loxodonta africana) can live 80 years or more in captivity?

Did you know that an African Elephant (Loxodonta africana) can live 80 years or more in captivity? Like most other Captive Animals, African Elephants live longer in captivity then Wild Elephants. This is primarily due to the fact that Captive Wildlife is guaranteed a high quality diet and Veterinarian Care. I love elephants, especially Baby Elephants! An African Elephant Gestation Period is incredibly long, lasting around 22 months. In most cases only one Baby Elephant is born at a time and in some rare cases twins. This is more or less the case with the Indian Elephant (Elephas maximus) as well, with twins only rarely being born. The best way to distinguish an African Elephant from an Indian or Asian Elephant is by looking at their ears. If you look at Pictures Of Elephants you will easily notice that the African Elephant has considerably larger ears then that of the Indian. In both species the ears are a main part of an elephants cooling system. Elephant Ears are highly vascular, allowing their blood to circulate near their skin as their ears flap in the breeze. This cooling system is assisted even further when the Elephants Ears are wet. As the water on the surface of the ear evaporates on top of the blood engorged veins it significantly cools the animal down. As you can tell by looking at our numerous web cams, the Tigerhomes Animal Sanctuary does not house elephants, as they require extremely specialized care and habitats as well as husbandry skills outside our area of expertise. David and I both hope you take the time to visit the Sanctuary residents that we do have on web cam. We further hope that these Animal Ambassadors instill an interest and awareness in you on the importance of Wildlife Conservation as well as Habitat Conservation. REMEMBER, THE TIGERHOMES WEB SITE SPECIALIZES IN AMAZING EXOTIC ANIMAL WEB CAMS!

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