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Tigerhomes.org Sanctuary

Our Mission

Tigerhomes.org is a privately-run exotic animal sanctuary that strives to stimulate a global interest in wildlife conservation, education and habitat protection via the Internet. We serve our goals by inviting our members, fans, teachers, students, and the general public directly into the naturalistic habitats and lives of the sanctuary resident Tigers, Lions, Leopards, Lemurs, and other rare and endangered animals through state-of-the-art web cameras and a world of digital information on all types of animals. By utilizing the Internet as a media platform, we can effectively reach and inspire hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of people each month on the importance of wildlife conservation, without compromising our animals' comfort for purposes of "Public Display". This "minimized stress" on the animals ensures more "naturalistic behaviors", thus exposing our web cam viewers to insight into animal behavior rarely observed anywhere else.

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About Us

Jason Abels & Dave with one of the SAnctuary's White Tigers
Jason Abels & Dave with one of the Sanctuary's White Tigers
Between the two of us, Dave and I have over 23 years of direct hands on exotic animal husbandry experience. With multiple State & Federal wildlife licenses, we have worked and cared for everything from Anteaters to Zebras with a strong preference and specialization for rare felines and endangered lemurs. Dave and I both have an extreme passion for wildlife education and conservation. Second only to our desire to create large naturalistic habitats for the Sanctuaries residents; is our goal to create an interest in others on the importance of protecting both wild animals and their remaining "wild places". With very similar beginnings, David and I both started off doing studio, movie and TV work under the guidance of more experienced mentors. Through the years, each of us slowly grew tired of these activities, yearning for a better way to expose the public to these remarkable creatures. Looking for a way that directly benefited the animals we cared for while at the same time never having to take them out of their naturalistic habitats and off the Sanctuary grounds, which is often very stressful on the animal. Thus the creation of the www.tigerhomes.org Web Site.

TigerHomes.org's mission is a simple one, to help create an interest in wildlife, its protection and the protection of its natural habitats on a global level. Primarily targeting the world's youth, TigerHomes.org strives to captivate its audience by actually inviting them into the daily lives of some of the planets most interesting and often most endangered wildlife. By bringing the plight of wildlife directly into the school system and your living room through a highly interactive and educational web site, TigerHomes.org hopes to create and promote a desire in everyone to support wildlife and habitat conservation as well as captive breeding programs. It is our goal that the TigerHomes.org' web site www.tigerhomes.org will serve as a fascinating platform to visitors from Kindergarten on up wanting to learn more about the incredibly diverse inhabitants of the planet. In addition to over 30 live high speed cameras set up in tiger, lion and lemur habitats, we are now offering an educational video series directly to the school system. These videos accompanied by their grade specific curriculum will prove to be an additional educational tool in creating an interest in wildlife.

Dave - Jason Abels - Tigerhomes exotic animal wildlife habitats
Tigerhomes.org welcomes Nigel from Discovery Channel's Nigel's Wild World during a video shoot. See the Sanctuary Vidoes and Nigel's Wild World Video Clips.

TigerHomes.org (TH) strives to offer a multilevel educational platform promoting an interest in wildlife and its protection. By utilizing the latest in multimedia tools, TH offers to its visitors and viewers a wide assortment of fascinating information concerning some of the rarest animals on earth. With the hopes of captivating an interest in the protection and conservation of all animals and wild places, TH brings our Sanctuary directly into your living room. Specifically targeting the worlds youth or better put, the WORLDS FUTURE PROTECTORS, TigerHomes.org web site www.tigerhomes.org offers a tremendous assortment of valuable and interesting facts as well as allowing for an "Up Close And Personal" view into the fascinating lives of Tigers, Lions, and Lemurs. The TigerHomes.org Sanctuary not only takes its role in education very seriously; but also strives to provide its inhabitants with the highest quality habitats, veterinary care, and environmental enrichment.

Utilizing the latest in animal husbandry practices combined with highly enriching naturalistic habitats, TigerHomes.org strives to offer its wild residents the best possible surroundings to thrive both mentally and physically. The quest to provide a quality home is followed only by our desires to promote an interest in global conservation. TigerHomes.org brings to you the lives of some of the worlds most remarkable and endangered wildlife.

Jason and Dave - Committed to Wildlife Education

Taking our role in wildlife education very seriously, TigerHomes.org has created a series of educational videos and lesson plans. By doing this we hope to instill a strong desire in the world's youth to protect both wildlife and "wild" places across the globe. The future survival of so many species depends on tomorrow's leaders and decision makers. It is for this reason that the TigerHomes.org Sanctuary has such a passion for education. It is our hopes that by creating an interest at an early age, the desire to insure the survival of all animals will be instilled for a lifetime.

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